It's what's inside that counts...

Now I love a sumptuous velvet or a vibrant printed cotton or an intricately woven jacquard or a supple wool. A gorgeous fabric can instantly and easily transform how a piece of furniture looks, how you feel about it and how it works within a space. But with upholstered furniture, as with people, whilst a taut top cover can be very eye-catching, it is what is inside that counts.

What is underneath the top fabric dictates the shape and durability of your furniture. For example, traditional upholstery - using coil springs and stitched edges - should last for a lifetime. A skilled upholsterer will use the materials and techniques most appropriate for each specific piece of furniture. Although this craftsmanship remains largely unseen, it lasts a lot longer than nearly all top fabrics.

After all, time nearly always reveals what we're made of.